IRFU Surplus Announced

The Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) has announced a surplus of €7.8million for 2011/2012. This is ahead of the budgeted outcome. The Honorary Treasurer of the sports organization said "While it is pleasing to be able to report a net surplus it is important to note that some €12.4m of revenues and €7m of costs are non-cash items. This effectively means that the IRFU generated net cash of just €2.4m from its operations during the year which, whilst very welcome, is considerably less than the €7.8m surplus."



The IRFU spent €59.4million during the 2011/2012 season, and had revenues of €62.7million, leaving them will a profit of €7.8million. Tom Grace noted that it was a good year for the IRFU but also said that the IRFU must not become complacent.


The IRFU believe that over the next few years they will face many challenges like others in the current Irish economy. The management of these challenges will ultimately determine what amounts the IRFU have for the development of international, provincial and domestic structures.







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