The South Westerlies

Monday September 14, 2020

RTÉ\'s latest co-production lacks life. The problem is an uninteresting and uninspired local story that lacks the drama of the Water Charges or the Corib gas pipeline protests. A rural town is divided with the arrival of a Norwegian firm\'s plan to build wind turbines of the coast of Count Cork. The shows characters are not bad, but they are one dimensional, there might have been an opportunity for The South Westerlies to be something more that a series with a very blunt plot or they could have gone down the road of a lighthearted drama like ITV\'s Doc Martin. As a drama looking to explore local politics, national politics and international trade, it has no bite. The series is billed as a Comedy-Drama.


BBC NI Launches Autumn Line Up

Thursday September 10, 2020

BBC Northern Ireland have announced their autumn line up today, 10th September 2020. They hope to bring some fun and escapism to audiences. Focusing on fresh comedy, light-entertainment and new faces. Shane Todd will cast an eye over the BBC NI archive in Previously with Shane Todd, mentalist Joel Mawhinney is set to uses his skills in Life is Magic and well known faces will be seen on This Sporting Life and Gloria - My Life on TV.


RTÉ News Now Exits

Monday August 31, 2020

As part of the new season on TV RTÉ today drop the RTÉ News NOW brand and replaced it with RTÉ News. The mobile phone application and the linear television channel will now simply be known as RTÉ News. The change took place at Mid-night on the 31st of August. The change is small with a few new features on the News app but the TV channel remains pretty much the same, RTÉ unable or unwilling to change the format of the channel, instead announcing the dropping of a word from one of their brands.


Autumn on Virgin Media Television

Friday August 28, 2020

Virgin Media Television has launched its 2020/2021 autumn and winter schedule today (28 August 2020). Much like RTÉ the COVID-19 restrictions have hampered any major announcements. With the retirement of Ivan Yeats in June VMTV have choosen Ciara Doherty to replace him on The Tonight Show and Tommy Bowe will replace Ciara on the Ireland AM couch. The Irish based Channel 5 drama will get its Irish Debut in September.


Autumn on RTÉ

Thursday August 27, 2020

With COVID-19 around TV schedules were bound to be a bit bare. Though you might conclude that RTÉ\'s new season of programmes are as bare as they have been for the past ten years. RTÉ are asking audiences to \


Golfgate Prevents O\'Rourke\'s Radio Return

Monday August 24, 2020

Broadcaster Sean O\'Rourke was due to return to RTÉ Radio following his retirement. O\'Rourke attended the Oireachtas Golf Dinner last week, the Dinner was attended by over 80 people and has cause the resignation of a number of high profiled politicians. O\'Rourke was one of RTÉ\'s top current affair broadcasters earning 309,000 euro at the Irish National Public Service Broadcaster in 2016.