Day 12: the Fiscal Treaty

YES is the less risky option but it is not the full answer to Europe's economic crisis according to Labour's Alex White. Sinn Fein Point to the RDS Jobs Fair as another example of failed austerity policies, while playing down the latest Sunday Business Post poll which shows a lead for the YES side. The ULA believe the government are using fear to obtain a YES vote. A quiet sunny May Saturday for canvassing.



'Yes' vote by far the less risky course

Labour's Alex White has called a YES vote in the Stability Treaty Referendum as the "less risky course". He was at the Labour Launch of the campaign in Dublin South. He said that when the crisis broke EU leaders were slow to act and it wasn't until last year when an agreement on economic governance in the EuroZone was reached, which resulted in the signing of the Stability treaty. He says that Labour support the Social Democratic views of the New French president Francois Hollande and his calls for more focus on growth. He believes that when voters weigh up the pros and cons of the treaty it is clear that it is in Ireland's best interests to Vote YES. He concluded by saying “It won't be the end of the crisis; but it can be the beginning of the end."

Jobs Fair Reminder of Failed Austerity

Sinn Fein's Leader Gerry Adams was canvassing in Co. Louth. There he told voters that the RDS Jobs Fair was another reminder that Austerity was not working. Sinn Fein believe that the Austerity Treaty will deepen the recession and make it harder improved the unemployment crisis. He told his constituents that every week 1,500 people are emigrating and that people are queuing at Job Fairs to seek opportunities abroad. Sinn Fein feel that the Austerity Treaty is based on the same failed policies that the current government is following. He concluded by saying “A comprehensive rejection of the Austerity Treaty on May 31st would send a powerful signal to the Government that a change of direction is needed.”

53% support for Fiscal Treaty

The Sunday Business Post/Red C Research Poll shows 53% support for The Fiscal Treaty

YES 53%
NO 31%

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Sinn Fein's Deputy Leader, Mary Lou McDonald, played down the latest opinion poll saying that it was all to play for as we enter the final three weeks of the campaign. She believes that the electorate are only just engaging with the issues surrounding the referendum. Playing down the Sunday Business Post's latest poll she said "We are getting very positive feedback on the doors. This weekend’s opinion poll tells us that there is all to play for in the coming weeks."

ULA - "No" will boost European Opposition to Austerity

The United Left Alliance (ULA) have called on voters to vote NO and join with the "growing European anti-austerity movement". The ULA state that the government has "connived with the EU establishment in February to quietly slip into the draft treaty setting up the new bailout mechanism a provision, saying that it could only be accessed by Member States which had ratified the Austerity Treaty. Knowing that the institutionalization of austerity measures would give rise to widespread hostility among ordinary people, this is their weapon to achieve a YES by fear."