Support For Treaty at 53%, Government Parties under Pressure

The Latest Red C poll, for The Sunday Business Post, shows that 53% of voters will vote YES to the Fiscal Treaty, with 31% voting NO and 16% still undecided. The poll also shows Sinn Fein largest support in a Red C poll with 21% saying they would vote for the party. Fianna Fail see some rebound with a 19% share of the vote FG for the first time since the General Election have drop below 30%, while Labour continue to slide down. Independents and others remain steady at 19%.

YES 53%
NO 31%

Good news for the YES side as when Don't knows are removed it shows support for the treaty at 63%, the NO side has still to make an impact, even with the results of the Greece and French elections known they have failed to capitalise on the events across Europe.

However the YES side in the Dail have seen their support drop. Fine Gael dropping below 30% to 29% (the first time since the General Election), Labour still sliding down the polls with just 13%, giving the government parties just 43% support. Fianna Fail the only opposition party looking for a YES vote has seen an increase in support now up at 19%, this comes after the Moriarty Report and Éamon Ó Cúiv's resignation as Deputy Leader of the party. Sinn Fein see their highest support level at 21%, while independents and others are staying steady at 18%.


Party Fine Gael Labour Fianna Fáil Sinn Féin Ind/Others
Support 29% 13% 19% 21% 18%
Election 2011 36% 19% 17% 10% 17%