Ardern's Labour Victory in NZ

New Zealand's Prime Minister has won a majority in the New Zealand General Election 2020. She will now be able to enter government without the need for other political parties as Labour gained 18 seats giving them a majority of 4 seats in the Parliament. The Greens, who formed part of the out going coalition government, had a 2 seat gain. However, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and his party NZ First lost all of their seats. The main outgoing opposition party, National, lost 21 seats, with ACT gaining 9 seats. The Maori Party will return to the parliament with one MP. Jacinda Ardern will now form a one party government the first since 1993.

Party Seats Precentage of Vote
Labour 64 49%
National 35 27%
ACT 10 8%
Green 10 8%
Maori 1 1%
NZ First 0 3%