nzArdern\'s Labour Victory in NZ
Saturday October 17, 2020

New Zealand\'s Prime Minister has won a majority in the New Zealand General Election 2020. She will now be able to enter government without the need for other political parties as Labour gained 18 seats giving them a majority of 4 seats in the Parliament. The Greens, who formed part of the out going coalition government, had a 2 seat gain. However, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and his party NZ First lost all of their seats. The main outgoing opposition party, National, lost 21 seats, with ACT gaining 9 seats. The Maori Party will return to the parliament with one MP. Jacinda Ardern will now form a one party government the first since 1993.

nzNZ PM Postpones Election Amid Corona Fears
Monday August 17, 2020

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has postponed the countries general election until the 17th of October due to public health concerns and the COVID-19 pandemic. The election was due to be held on the 19th of September. She spoke with all of New Zealand\'s party leaders and she has said that she will not be changing the date again. This will mean that the New Zealand Parliament will dissolve on the 6th of September and the close of nominations will be on the 18th of September.