Virgin Media Axe 780 hours of TV in 2020

Virgin Media Television is to axe 780 hours of live TV from its schedules. Virgin Media One had recently announced a major increase in live TV in 2019 replacing ITV's This Morning with an extended Ireland AM, Elaine and News at 12. Ireland AM will see an hour cut from its programme, Elaine will move back to 3pm each weekday, while Virgin Media news will be cut by half an hour moving to 12:30, meanwhile their NEWS on TWO show was axed in 2019.

According to a tweet sent out by Virgin Media ONE yesterday, This Morning will return to Virgin Media ONE from Monday the 9th of March.

Meanwhile the Elaine programme will move back to 3pm with a new look.

This comes with the dropping of News on TWO from Virgin Media TWO earlier this year. Virgin Media had announced 300 additional hours of TV in 2019, they have now rolled back on this by axing over 780 hours of TV from their schedules.