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TG4 Annual Report Published

TG4 received €41m in funding in 2018. Grant-in-Aid (from the government and the license fee) came to €35m, TG4 received €2m for capital grants in 2018, they also received an extra grant for Bliain Na Gaeilge of €1m and commercial revenue came to €4m. Staffing costs at the channel came to €5m, with programme expenditure coming in at €26.5m, transmission and other costs came in at €6m.

TG4 spend on programming came in at €27m. They spent a total of €22m on home produced programming. Imported programming cost TG4 €3m (this includes dubbed children's programming). In house production costs came to €2million for the year.

TG4 made a loss of €17,000 in 2018 up from €2,000 in 2019.

A breakdown of cost are

Transmission €1.6m

Marketing €1.6m

Overheads €2.3m

Depreciation €2.3m

Board Members fees €158,000

89 people are employed by TG4. Including pensions and training cost the average employee costs €60,359 per year.

Director General of TG4 (Alan Esselmont) received €161,000 in salary and pension payments.

The capital grant from the Department of Communications is detailed on page 47 of the annual report.

TG4 broadcast 2,693 hours of programming for the core Irish Language audience, or 7 hours a day, 16 hours a day for a national audience.