rte oneSome Joy but Not Much
Sunday October 11, 2020

There isn\'t a whole lot wrong with Finding Joy, but then there isn\'t a whole lot right with the series either. The first series aired about 2 years ago and with a mediocre beginning its strange to see the series return. Joy (Amy Huberman) has left the magazine job from the last season and is joined by her faithful side kick Stan (Paul Reid) and her best friend Trish (Hannah James-Scott) as Mother in need of some R&R. The rest of the cast largely seem to have been forgotten about, though in fairness I didn\'t watch the full series last time round so perhaps there are more characters from it in Season 2.

rte oneAutumn on RTÉ
Thursday August 27, 2020

With COVID-19 around TV schedules were bound to be a bit bare. Though you might conclude that RTÉ\'s new season of programmes are as bare as they have been for the past ten years. RTÉ are asking audiences to \

rte oneFinding Joy's Audience
Wednesday February 19, 2020

RTÉ's comedy vehicle for Amy Huberman had an average audience of 295,000 viewers over the course of its run according to an Freedom of Information (FoI) request seen by CCÉ. The series started of with 427,000 viewers and saw it fall to 212,000 by episode 5. The six part series also saw an average of 16,500 viewers on RTÉ ONE +1, with repeats the same week getting 108,000 viewers (7,500 on +1). The series was repeated a year later getting an average of just 26,000 viewers on RTÉ2, with the +1 getting 2,000 viewer on average across the six episode. The Second series of Finding Joy is due to air on RTÉ ONE later this year.

rte oneRTÉ Spend €24.7 on Imports
Wednesday June 26, 2019

RTÉ Annual Report for 2018 was announced yesterday. RTE spend at total of €24,728,000 and made a loss of €13million. RTÉ have stated that the special event costing €7.2million was in some way responsible for the loss rather than the extravagant use of money toward imported programming.

rte oneRepublic of Ireland V Gibraltar tops TV audiences
Tuesday June 18, 2019

The Republic of Ireland V Gibraltar qualifier match took the top spot for the weeks most watch tv shows among adults. GAA games allowed RTÉ2 to take 3 of the top 5 places with MSHC - Tipperary V Limerick getting 342,000 viewers and CSFC - Galway V Roscommon getting 335,000 viewers. RTÉ ONE took the next two spots in the top 5 with Prime Time getting 266,000 viewers and Fair City getting 265,000 viewers. Figures for Love Island on Virgin Media TWO were unavailable. The top 9 games on RTÉ2 for the women's world cup had an average of 62,000 adult viewers, with BBC and TG4 figures unavailable.

rte oneRTɠNew Season
Friday August 25, 2017

RTɠhave unveiled their plans for the Autumn and Winter months. With returning regulars such as, The Late Late Show, Prime Time and The Ray D'Arcy Show. Newcomers include Acceptable Risk, Nowhere Fast and Ends Meet. Returning for a second season is entertainment show Dancing with the Stars and drama Striking Out.