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CSO - Press Release

Unemployment on the Decrease

Good news for the government parties coming into the General Election 2016 as the Central Statistics Office suggests that unemployment has fallen in Janurary 2016. The figures released show that the Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was at 8.6% this compares to 10.1% this time last year. The total number of people unemployed in January 2016 was 186,700, this is a change of -3,000 from December 2015.

10% of men remain unemployed in January, while women had an unemployment rate of 7%. Youth unemployment (15 - 24 year olds) remains high with 19% unemployed.

It will be short announced, which TDs will join the queue at the Dole Office. It is known that 8 TDs will be made unemployed, while some have decided to retire. Role on GE16.