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CSO - Press Release

Unemployment remains just Below 10%

The rate of unemployment in Ireland has remain at 9.7%, this compares to a figure of 11.4% in June 2014. According to the just 500 people came of the live register in June since May. This means the figure has remained unchanged.

The unemployment rate for men dropped slightly from 10.9% in May 2015 to 10.8% in June 2015, but down from 14% in June 2014.

There was no monthly change in umemployment for women at 8.3% in June 2015, down from 9.3% in June 2014.

Youth Unemployment (15 - 24 year olds) dropped to 19.8% in June from 20% in May.

In total 208,100 people where unemployed in June 2015, with 36,600 under the age of 24.