MEPs vote to support Hip and Breast victims

Thousands of Irish people are victims of problematic Hip replacements and breast implants. The European Parliament's Public Health Committee have voted that the European Parliament introduce stronger powers to help people with faulty implants.

A "stress test" report on medical devices is set to be publish later in March, it is hoped it will show the shortcomings of the use of low-grade silicone in breast implants. Up to half a million women are affected many of them outside the EU, the products were produced in France by PIP.

Linda McAvan from the UK's Labour Party said "I am pleased the European Commission is dealing with this seriously and quickly", adding that as many women are unsure whether their breast implants are defective, unique identification of products could ensure effective tracking in future.

Irish MEP Nessa Childers said today: - "While most breast implant and hip replacement are successful, patients must realize that there may be potential problems. Breast implants in particular are often marketed as a lifestyle choice, when in fact implants involve major surgery with possible long term effects on the patients."

MEPs on the Public Health Committee has asked that the European Commission provide in new legislation the following help to patients:-

  1. The introduction of an implant passport with a Unique Device Identification to be able to trace implants.
  2. Member states improve regulation of the advertising of cosmetic implant
  3. The creation of compulsory Nation Breast Implants Register in every member state, mandatory for clinics, with optional information being provided by patients.
  4. European Parliament Resolution will be voted on by plenary in Strasbourg in April.
  5. The revised Medical Devices Directive will be proposed by Commission this year and agreed with the Parliament and Council.