Trips to Ireland Decrease by 2.2%

The CSO (Central Statistics Office of Ireland) has publish their latest figures on tourism in Ireland. It shows that The number of visitors to Ireland is down 2.2% during May to July 2012. 1.9million people travelled into Ireland from abroad, a decrease of 43,000 compared to the same period last year. The number of trips made by Irish people abroad also decrease but only slightly by 0.4%, 3.7million Irish Residents' took trips overseas.

The table below outline the number of trips by Irish residents abroad and the numbers from Great Britain, Other European states, North America and the Rest of the World.

Trips overseas 3,679,300
Trips to Ireland 3,682,700
Great Britain 1,557,400
Other Europe 1,343,200
North America 566,200
Other Areas 215,000