Government will not Compensate Trainee Pilots - Varadkar

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leo Varadkar, T.D., told representatives of the self-funded trainee pilots from Pilot Training College Waterford (PTCW) that "the government, nor the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority), would be able to compensate them for the monies lost and have no liability in this regard." The Minister and the CEO of the IAA met with representatives today (20/07/2012).

The trainee pilots marched on the Dáil on Wednesday (18/07/2012) in the hope of getting a meeting with the Minister, while also continuing to highlight the problems that they face. Today following that meeting the Minister said "“I have huge sympathy for the situation in which the trainees and their families find themselves, and I have made a commitment to continue to engage with them."

He also said that the IAA will be meeting with the students over the next few weeks on a one to one basis. The IAA will work with the examiner appointed to PTCW to find out why the company failed and what happened the fees of the students. The government will cover the cost of returning those trainee pilots still stranded in Florida.