RTÉ Networks to be Repositioned


RTÉ's network infrastructure subsidiary company RTÉ Transmission Network Limited (RTÉ NL) is to be repositioned by the national broadcaster. This comes during a time of many changes at the national broadcaster, which last month announced RTÉ Digital. RTÉ plan to rename and rebrand RTÉ NL. The new company will remain owned by RTÉ but will be located away from RTÉ's headquarters in Donnybrook, it will also have a new board of directors and a new independent chairperson.

RTÉ have yet to decide on either a name or a location for the new company. RTÉ have looked at a number of locations and have a shortlist of such locations, and will be finalizing the move as soon as possible.  The current Board of Directors consist of RTÉ Executive management and the chairman of the board of RTÉ, Tom Savage.

RTÉ NL provide transmission services to RTÉ Broadcast Services on "an arm-lenght basis" and it is hoped that this new company will further distance RTÉ NL from its parent company. It is hoped that this move will help to remedy any fears of anti-competitive behaviour suggested by RTÉ's competitors. 

In 2010 RTÉ NL was the only RTÉ Division to post a profit. RTÉ NL is not in receipt of public moneys. It provides services to both public service broadcasters - RTÉ and TG4 - both of whom receive money from the public, either through taxes or the licence fee. RTÉ Television and Radio spent €11million on transmission and power charges in 2010 supplied by RTÉ NL.

It provides transmission facility for each of the countries national television broadcasters (RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3 and TG4), it also provides transmission facilities to the national radio broadcasters (RTÉ Radio 1, 2FM, Today FM, Newstalk etc) as well as some support to some local radio stations (Radio Kerry, Spin FM, Clare FM etc). The company also provides services to the telecommunications industry.

RTÉ have stated that this is not a move to sell RTÉ NL. The repositioning of RTÉ NL is part of an overhaul of RTÉ which aims save money and cut costs.

Noel Curran, Director-General of RTÉ, said: "The repositioning of RTÉ NL means that the company will be able to take full advantage of developments in broadcast services markets nationally and internationally. While RTÉ NL will remain a subsidiary of RTÉ, these changes will allow it to become a true leader in broadcast delivery technology. The recent, and successful, roll-out of the infrastructure for SAORVIEW clearly demonstrates RTÉ NL's ability to deliver, and this repositioning will put it in the best position to build on its competencies and achievements."

Mick Kehoe, Executive Director of RTÉNL, said "This repositioning of RTÉ NL is an exciting development that will refresh both the company and the business. As with most other businesses in Ireland there are challenging times ahead but I am confident that with this fresh start, along with input from the new talent that will join the company board, RTÉ NL will expand and prosper."


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