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Ros Na Ruined Summer for Fans

TG4 has decided to drop its usual repeat of classic episodes of their twice weekly soap in favour of BBC quiz shows. In a statement received by CCÉ TG4 said "Our policy in relation to repeat broadcasts of the early years of this very popular flagship drama series on TG4 has been to do so and assess the viewer response – taking care not to diminish their value by over-exposure."

The series is set to enter its 21st season on the channel, which will celebrate 20 years on the air on 31st October 2016.

TG4 go on to say "All TG4 decisions taken in relation to scheduling this series are aimed at strengthening and promoting it. In that light, our experience has been that viewers were enthused by a Summer reshowing of early seasons of Ros na Rún and that it might be prudent to give more recent seasons a rest before resuming the policy in the future". There is hope though the statment suggests that classic episodes may return over the summer months in future schedules.

TG4 make some 5 hours of new/original output each day, and spend any commercial revenue on imported programming. Like most Irish channels TG4 isn't in a position to have continuous original programming and utilize both repeats and imports to help promote their schedules. 60% of TG4's output is As Gealige. The use of Imports is to attract audiences that might not necessarily tune into the breath of home produced programming achieved by the channel over the last 20 years.

TG4's daytime schedule is largely dedicated to Children's programming under the Cula4 brand, while from 10am to 2pm TG4 air a variety of classic american programming, TG4 programming and BBC programming, currently TG4 are repeat season 1 of An Lá a Rugadh Mé (On The Day I was Born) and series 7 of The Weakest Link along with classic western series Wind at My Back, The High Chaparral and Rawhide. Culá4 returns from 2pm to 6pm.