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7 O’Clock Show Audiences staggeringly Low

The Seven O’Clock Show audience is stagerringly low and is getting the same average audience as Ireland AM and 85% less than programmes airing during that time slot in 2014. The show has gained no ground in the last 5 months on the air with an average of just 45,000 viewers, TV3 do manage to hold on to those 45,000 viewers for TV3 News at 8 but this compares with an average of 140,000 viewers in that time slot a year ago. Other TV3 shows aren't fairing much better.

TV3 recently announced that they would not be going ahead with Lucy Kennedy’s Blind Date, which had been schedule for production in 2014, last month the new head of TV announced that Blind Date was outdated.

TV3’s The 5:30 holds on to 105,000 viewers but Xposé see this audience drop to below 70,000 viewers, followed by a drop to 45,000 viewers for both The Seven O’Clock Show and TV3 News at 8. TV3 does not see increases in audience numbers until Tonight with Vincent Browne, and UK imports such as BGT and Big Brother. These figures are nothing like what TV3 achived with Coronation Street and Emmerdale, which average 415,000 and 300,000 viewers on average respectively.

Other programmes on the channel have also failed to live up to expectation. With Whiskey Business getting just 26,000 viewers, though a gain of 5,000 viewers from Get The Numbers Write which aired in the same time slot. This compares to Doc Martin on UTV Ireland averaging 100,000 viewers and Pat Kenny in the Round also gaining an audience in that time slot.

Jason Byrne’s Snaptastic Show finished on TV3 with just 21,000 viewers after just 3 episodes. A drop of 40,000 viewers who watched Ireland’s Oyster Clan in the same time slot.