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TV3 gets set for a full rebrand to Ireland AM

TV3 bosses are planning a major shake-up of TV3. They are reportedly considering extending Ireland AM to the weekends and rebranding other TV3 programmes as Ireland AM. Saturday AM and Sunday AM are expected on screens first followed by the renaming of some of their most popular daytime TV chat shows to reflect the new brand. Saturday AM will be hosted by Simon Delany, while Newstalk’s Ivan Yates will host Sunday AM. Both shows will be co-hosted by Anna Daly. This will add 6 hours to Ireland AM's current schedule, though it is expected that both shows will air at about 10am rather than 7am, in a view to capitalise on those who rise early at the weekend.

In September other shows will be rebranded. Midday will become Not Ireland AM and Just about Ireland PM, to reflect its 11:30am time slot. The 12:30 becomes The Ireland PM, The 5:30 becomes Ireland AM Preview, Xpose becomes Ireland AM Xposed and will focus on the lives of Ireland AM presenters, The Seven O'Clock Show becomes Ireland AM at 7PM and TV3 News at 8 becomes Ireland AM Nightly and finally Vincent Browne Tonight moves to Midnight and rebrands as Ireland AM with Vincent Browne.

TV3 have also organised themed breakfast films as part of the movie offerings. Signing agreements for films like "The Breakfast Club", "Breakfast at Tiffany’s", "Good Morning, Vietnam" etc.

In an Interview on Ireland AM's 10th year on they’re TV3 CEO, David McRedmond said "Ireland AM is the anchor tenant of the TV3 schedule and a brilliant public service of which we are very proud."