11 New Covid Cases

11 new covid cases were announced by the HSE tonight, this brings the total cases to 25,683 in the Republic of Ireland. The HSE and Department of Health also announce full hospital figures for July 13th, of the 31 new cases 20 were health care workers, while 5 cases were admitted to hospital, bring the total number admitted to hospital to 3,337 cases.

The headline figures show a total of 11 new cases as of 12 midnight on the 14th of July, with 2 deaths reported. Overall 1,748 COVID related deaths have been announced.

The total number of cases in March 2020 came to 3,282, in April the total number came to 17,460, May's total was 4,314 and June's total was 418.

So far this month 195 cases have been announced.

32% of all cases are healthcare workers.

Keep washing your hands

Keep 2 meters apart

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