SF Discuss Government Formation

The Sinn Féin Party will continue to attempt to for a government with smaller left wing parties and independents. After a successful general election campaign SF are trying to form a government of the left.

Sinn Féin have reiterated their push to form a left wing government. SF President Mary Lou McDonald said yesterday (17/02/2020) that “Sinn Féin wants to form a Government for Change and this week we will be intensifying our discussions with the Green Party, Social Democrats, Solidarity/People Before Profit, Independents4Change and Independents"

Sinn Féin's had its most successful Irish General Election, getting 23% of the popular vote and returning 37 TD to the Dáil.

Ms. McDonald said:

“Everyone agrees that last week the people voted for change. The question for all parties is are they willing to be part of a Government for Change? Last week we spoke to the Green Party, People Before Profit, the Labour Party, the Social Democrats, Independents4Change and Independents and we will be intensifying our discussions with them this week to explore how we deliver a government which will build homes, cut rents and freeze them, end the trolley crisis, deals with climate change, give workers and families a break and advance Irish unity."

Sinn Féin beleive that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael wish to retain power, however Ms. McDonald said "This is not what people voted for. In fact they voted against the very policies implemented by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáíl over the last four years. That is why there was huge anger at the weekend at the prospect of Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael being returned to government, despite the outcome of the election.”