RTÉ Spend €41million on Independent Productions

RTÉ commissioning unit has published its Annual report for 2018, showing that it spend just over 41,046 million euro across TV and Radio on Independent productions. The vast majority of this money went on Factual programming, where they spent €16.5 million which produced 191 hours of TV, on average €86,300 per hour.

RTÉ spent just €4.5million on Drama in 2018. The dramas commissioned for TV included Taken Down, Finding Joy and Women on The Verge all of which were part funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Bridget and Eamon, Bump and Dad were also commissioned in 2018. On average an hour of Drama cost RTÉ €878,000, the most expensive type of content.

Children's programming produced 74 hours of TV, but received just €3.3million, or €44,600 per hour of content.

Entertainment was the second most commissioned type of programme with €9.8million being spent, or an average of €115,000 per hour commissioned.

Room To Improve, Dancing With The Stars, Striking Out, Taken Down, We Won The Lotto, One Day: How Ireland Eats and Operation Transformation are just some of the shows that were commission in 2018 by RTÉ from Independent Producers.

2018 2018 2018 2017
Expenditure Incurred €000 €000 €000 €000
Statutory Expenditure (Sch. 5) 38,881 1,200 40,081 39,738
Additional Expenditure (Sch. 6) 209 - 209 425
Direct Expenditure on
  Commissioned Programmes
39,090 1,200 40,290 40,163
RTÉ Attributable Overhead 735 21 756 654
Expenditure Incurred on
  Commissioning Activities
39,825 1,221 41,046 40,817