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FIFA Women's World Cup to air on Irish TV

The Womens World Cup starts today. Unlike 2015 RTÉ and TG4 have been able to agree a deal with the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) to air all the games. The Girls in Green will not be taking part, but the tournament is sure to get a boost with the full coverage provided by both public service broadcasters. France is the host country for the tournament taking over from Canada in 2015. Games and Highlights will also be available from both broadcasters players.

The schedule will be as follows

07.06.19 20:00 France v Korea Republic TG4
08.06.19 14:00 Germany v China PR TG4
08.06.19 17:00 Spain v South Africa TG4
08.06.19 20:00 Norway v NigeriaRTÉ2
09.06.19 12:00 Australia v Italy TG4
09.06.19 14:30 Brazil v Jamaica TG4
09.06.19 17:00 England v Scotland TG4
10.06.19 17:00 Argentina v Japan TG4
10.06.19 20:00 Canada v Cameroon TG4
11.06.19 14:00 New Zealand v Netherlands TG4
11.06.1917:00 Chile v Sweden TG4
11.06.19 20:00USA v ThailandRTÉ2
12.06.19 14:00 Nigeria v Korea Republic TG4
12.06.19 17:00Germany v SpainRTÉ2
12.06.19 20:00France v NorwayRTÉ2
13.06.19 17:00Australia v Brazil RTÉ2
13.06.19 20:00 South Africa v ChinaRTÉ2
14.06.19 14:00 Japan v Scotland TG4
14.06.19 17:00 Jamaica v Italy TG4
14.06.19 20:00England v ArgentiaRTÉ2
15.06.19 14:00 Netherlands v Cameroon TG4
15.06.19 20:00Canada v New ZealandRTÉ2
16.06.19 14:00 Sweden v Thailand TG4
16.06.19 17:00 USA v Chile TG4

Final Group stages and Round 16 will be on either RTÉ2 or TG4 and will be decided closer to the date.

29.06.19 14:00 Quarter-Final TG4

02.07.19 or 03.07.19 20:00 Semi-Final TG4/RTÉ2

06.07.19 16:00 3rd Place TG4

07.07.19 16:00 Final - Live RTÉ2

07.07.19 20:00 Highlights – Final TG4