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August TV

RTÉ saw their share market share decrease by 4% in August. TV3 were down 1%, while TG4 was up 46%. On a yearly basis RTÉ was down 11% from this time last year, while TV3 was up 4% and TG4 was up 17%. Overall Irish Channels saw a 5% decrease in August from the same time last year.

August TV sees a decrease in audience for RTÉ. RTÉ ONE was down 2% from this time last month, and losing over 6 percent from this time last year. RTÉ ONE had a total average audience of 16.24%. RTÉ2 was down 6% from last month and was down nearly 23% from this time last year. RTÉ2 had an average audience of 6.88% for July. RTÉ ONE +1 had 0.75% share, with RTÉjr getting 0.88%.

Over in TV3 land August saw monthly decrease, but little change from August last year. TV3 was down 3% from last month, but as to be expect up 46% from this time last year, with the return of the ITV soaps. TV3 had a total audience share of 9.68%. 3e was up 2% from last month and up 32% from this time last year. 3e had a total audience of 3.19% in August. be3, which took over from UTV Ireland, was down 58% from UTV Ireland's figure last year, again down this time to the loss of the ITV soaps, the channel was up 3% from last month. be3 had an average share of 2.38%.

TG4 saw a 46% increase from last month and 17% from this time last year. TG4 had an average audience share of 2.05%.

RTÉ total audience share was 24.74%, with TV3 having 15.69% for the month of August.

eir Sport 1 had 0.17%. Other channels accounted for 57.35% of the total viewing audience.

All figure as issued by TAM Ireland.