Trinty Entrepeneurs

Trinity College Dublin remains Europe's leading third level institution for producing entrepreneurs. Graduates from the University founded more venture-backed companies than graduates from any other European university over the last 12 years. Worldwide Trinity is place 48th according to PitchBook's recently published Universities Report.

Trinity remains the only European university in the top 50, this is the 3rd year that trinity have been placed above all other universities in Europe.

Trinity alumni represent 216 entrepreneurs and formed 201 venture-backed companies and raised capital of over 2billion US dollars between 2006 and 2017. Last years report saw 192 Trinity graduates becoming entrepreneurs and 180 companies.

Chief Innovation and Enterprise Officer at Trinity, Dr Diarmuid O’Brien, said: “Trinity is ranked 1st in Europe for graduate entrepreneurship for the third year in a row. Our graduates have raised $2.372 billion in funding across 201 companies in the last decade.”

“This is a testament to the fantastic students coming through Trinity, the competitiveness of the Dublin innovation eco-system and the role that Trinity plays for Ireland in enabling our best entrepreneurship talent.”

The top 5 universities were all in north America

1. Stanford University 1006 entrepreneurs, 850 companies, 18billion USD in capital raised

2. Berkeley (University of California), 997 entrepreneurs, 881 companies, 14billion USD in capital raised

3. Massachusetts IT (MIT), 813 entrepreneurs, 695 companies, 13billion USD in capital raised

4. Harvard University, 762 entrepreneurs, 673 companies, 17billion USD in capital raised

5. University of Pennsylvania, 724 entrepreneurs, 648 companies, 9billion USD in capital raised

Isreal's Tel Aviv University had 515 entrepreneurs, 429 companies and raised 5billion USD in capital, they came in at number 9. Israel's Technion-Israel came in at number 16 with 379 entrepreneurs and capital raised over over 4.5billion USD. With Hewbrew University getting joint 33rd place with Canda's UoT and Penn State.

Canada's Waterloo University had 361 entrepreneurs and raised just over 5billion USD in capital, coming in at 20. McGill had 265 entrepreneurs and raised capital of 4.5billion USD, University of Toronto had 259 entrepreneurs and raised capital of nearly 3billion USD, making the list at 32 and 33 respectively. University of British Columbia came in at number 49 with 187 entrepreneurs and raised just over 1billion USD in capital.