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Irish More Likely to Trust News Sources

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Reuters Institute has published its latest Digital News Report. In Ireland the report is sponsored by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Irish news consumers have a higher trust in their news sources than the international average. International 41% of news consumers trust their news sources with 47% of Irish people trusting their news sources.

The majority of those survey in Ireland continue to believe that news sources do a good job, this compares internationally with just 24% believe news media does a good job. 28% of Irish respondents also believe social media is doing a good job.

Now in its sixth year, the annual Reuters Institute Digital News Report, published by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, reveals high levels of dissatisfaction internationally with the quality of news and comment generally, and on social media in particular. The BAI have sponsored the report for its 3rd year in Ireland.

The data was complied in Ireland by Dublin City University's Institute for Future Media and Journalism (FuJo) at Dublin City University. The data for the research was collected between January–February 2017.

Facebook top the chart for social media users with 41% using it for News, while YouTube was 2nd for news at 18%

Facebook 68%

YouTube 58%

Twitter 23%

LinkedIn 20%

Instagram 24%

Snapchat 15%

Pininterest 14%

Google+ 8%

41% of people suggest the would never avoid news, while avoiding news was higher among younger users.

Traditional consumers of media increase to 31% with those using online media falling back to 23%.

RTÉ continues to be a major source of news with 66% of users using the national broadcaster, this compares with 49% in other countries. While 34% use the RTÉ news website this compares to 20% for similar companies internationally. Unlike in other parts of the world the national commercial broadcast fails to make the list of Irish services (TV3).

The top online News brands in Ireland are:- 32% 31% 30% 23% 19% 16% 14%

10% of people are willing to pay for news with younger people more likely to pay.