itvMillion Pound Question Answered
Monday August 24, 2020

ITV have announced that a contestant on this seasons Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (WWTBAM) answered the million pound question. This is the first time since the series relaunched, with Jeremy Clarkson as host, that the top prize has been won. The winner will join Judith Keppel (2000), Judith Keppel (2000), David Edwards (2001), Robert Brydges (2001), Pat Gibson (2004) and Ingram Willcox (2006) as a Millionaire.

itvI\'m A Staycation .... Get Me Out Of Here!
Friday August 07, 2020

The 20th series of the hit ITV series, I\'m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! will be shot in the UK for the first time. The series would normal be in the Jungle outback of Australia but due to the COVID-19 crisis the producers have opted to Staycation. Ant and Dec return has hosts. The King or Queen of the Jungle, will now be King or Queen of the Castle. The series will also air on Virgin Media One.

itvTenacity commissioned by ITV
Friday June 07, 2019

ITV have commissioned a new 6 part drama called Tenacity. Produced by Bad Wolf and Entertainment One, written by Peter A. Dowling and commissioned by Polly Hill for ITV. When a dead submariner is found on board Tenacity, a British nuclear submarine, disgraced military detective Lewis is sent to investigate. Soon she discovers that the dead submarine has been assassinated, but her in conflict with the crew.

itvThe Fall of UTV in Ireland
Saturday July 16, 2016

In 2001 UTV (proper) had a market share of 10% south of the border. In the 1990s it benefited great from Ray Burke's limits on RTÉ advertising. It was the de facto commercial Television service. In 2001 TV3 and RTÉ2 also had an audience share of 10% each. By 2014 on the announcement of UTV Ireland UTV (proper) had just 3% of the market. You can imagine why, when TV3 dropped Coronation Street, UTV saw this an opportunity to regain lost ground.

itvTV3 Hold On To Key ITV Weekend Entertainment Shows
Thursday November 28, 2013

In the light of UTV's acquisition of the Irish rights to key ITV soaps TV3 have announced that they will continue to hold the rights to major ITV programmes such as The X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. TV3 have signed a 3 year deal with FremantleMedia, ending speculation that UTV would also target such shows from the ITV schedules.