Peaky Blinders Begins Shooting


BBC Two's epic gangster saga begins shooting in Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool. Starring Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill and Helen McCrory. The series is set in post World War 1 Birmingham as returning soldiers, newly-minted revolutionaries and criminal gangs fight for survival in an industrial environment in economic turmoil. The Shelby Family sit at the top of this industrial jungle and make up the fiercest gang of all, "Peaky Blinders".

Cillian Murphy plays Tommy Shelby the leader of the Peaky Blinders. Sam Neill's character is enlisted from Belfast as Birmingham's new Police Chief C.I. Campbell.

This is the first TV drama by series creator Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises) who says: "The story I want to tell is based on family legend and historical fact. It is a fiction woven into a factual landscape which is breathtakingly dramatic and cinematic, but which for very English reasons has been consigned to historical text books."

BBC - Press Release