BAI Sound and Vision Round 14 Funding Announced

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has provided €4.5million of the Licence fee toward TV and Radio productions in their 14th round of commission for the Sound and Vision Fund. Sound and Vision is provided with a proportion of the Licence Fee each year and is administered by the BAI. 71 Radio and 21 TV programmes have been given the Green light by the BAI for funding. 69 of the broadcasts will be on Community Radio Services, 9 Drama projects and 11 Irish/Bilingual projects. In total 42 broadcasters have been provided with funding.

In total a premium pay TV operator indirectly received €415,000 in funding from the BAI for 2 Entertainment shows and one contemporary documentary.

265 projects were given the go ahead by the BAI so far in 2012, a total budget of €9.88million was provided in 2012. CEO of the BAI, Michael O'Keeffe, said "This is obviously a very significant amount of investment by the Scheme into the audiovisual sector, the vast majority of which goes to independent producers. The provision of this funding will result in a range of high quality television and radio projects being available to Irish audiences."

Full List of Radio Commissions

Full List of Television Commissions

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