Radio Listenership Results

Craol, the Community Radio Forum of Ireland, today (3/5/2012) announced the results of the Community Radio Audience Research 2012. The research was carried out by RedC in association with Grey Heron Media with the assistance of the BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland). Later today the BAI will also announce the usual JNLR listenership results.

The results of the Community Radio research show that Community Radio has an audience reach of 34% across the Republic of Ireland, or 307,465 people have tuned into a Community Radio service at some stage during their day. 22% of adults listened to community radio yesterday.

The Community Radio Audience Research is a wider view of the listening public. It studied a range of topics from the Value of Community Radio to the importance of Community Radio in peoples lives.

60% of people surveyed stated that they felt that community radio was important to their community/ area. It was shown that 2/3s of those listening to community radio listen on weekday mornings.  Those most likely to tune to community radio are those close to home.

67% of interviews were aware of their local community radio station and of those 78% knew that that station was a community based service.

Reasons for listening to community radio

Local Voice/ Local People 37%
Connection to Community 30%
Different Voices and Views 22%
Specialist Music 20%
Diversity in Programming 15%


The research also looked at peoples understanding of Community Radio. 25% knew that the stations are not-for-profit, 21% understood that anyone could be involved, however only 9% knew that nearly all programmes were produced by volunteers. When prompted most understood the differences between commercial and community radio, 56% understood that community radio is run by community representatives, 51% understood that most programmes were produced by volunteers and 48% knew that anyone could involve themselves in Community radio.

The research also found that many people put the importance of Community radio on allowing differing views to be heard, sharing experiences and knowledged, telling our stories, preventing isolation and reinforces a sense of community.

38% of people asked knew that they could avail of community radio to promote community events and activities, 35% also knew they could become involved in the production of shows for the services. Those under 25 expressed the greatest interest in becoming involved in community radio.

Music, News, Current Affairs, Community News, Local information, Documentaries and Local History were the top reasons to listen to Community Radio. With 75% favouring Irish language programming and 72% wanting a mixed Irish and English language programme, as they felt that would not be fluent enough to follow a full Irish language programme.

Over 50% of people interviewed expressed the view that local music was very important. Adults over 55 and those in Dublin showed the greatest love for Irish music and artists on radio. 5% suggested they listened to community radio to listen to local artists and music.

25% of people are a member of a community organization, rural areas showed a 53% involvement rate in community organizations. 8% had visited a community radio station's website, 5% had visited their facebook page, with 3% getting in contact with community radio station through twitter. 2/3s have a facebook page, 3/10s have a twitter account. 4% are friends with a community radio station, 23% of those on twitter follow a community radio station.