21 BAI Funded Projects Commence Production

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) recently signed contracts with independent producers and broadcasters that were awarded production funding from the Sound and Vision Fund. 7% of the Television Licence Fee is provided to the BAI for this Fund. Programmes that have commence production include, In Good Hands, Brewery Days, Write to Read, The Moon is an Orange Triangle, Cá Bhfuil an Obair?, The Story of Dundalk Pile Lighthouse, Scléip, Home News, The Amulet, Diabetes: The Forgotten Type Ones, The Untold Story Of John Devoy & America's Fight for Irish Freedom, Celebrating St. Brigid, Age and the City, Music Generation, Summer in the Suburbs, Not for the Money, Reaching Out, Ruaille Buaille and Church Art and Architecture in Cork.

The Landmark RTÉ craft series Hands is to be revisited by Gmarch TV Productions in a new six part series entitled In Good Hands. David Shaw Smith and his wife Sally, where behind the original RTÉ TV series. They are still making film and have become one Ireland's best known film archivists. 30 years after the original series David Shaw Smith returns to the crafts featured on the original series from 1982, there he will meet with the new generation of Craft workers and see how time has changed Ireland's traditional crafts. RTÉ One will broadcast the series.

Brian Gallagher has been awarding funding for 2 radio documentaries Brewery Days and Write to Read. Brewery Days will be aired on East Coast FM and tells the story of a young teenager who takes up work in the Guinness Brewery in the 1950s. Write to Read will be aired on NewsTalk, this fly on the wall radio documentary follows a group of young Irish school children as they participate in a literacy programme, which aims to improve their reading and writing skills.

Real Film Ltd, will provide Highland Radio with a documentary focusing on the worlds of 7 autistic children. The Moon is an Orange Triangle was recorded with 3 families over an eight month period.

Cá Bhfuil an Obair? Is a four part series from West Dublin Access Radio. A career guidance radio show aimed at transition year students. It will explore potential career paths in sectors where fluency in the Irish Language is a required core competence. The series was produced, researched and presented by transition year students from Coláiste Chillian and St. Dominick's Secondary School.

The Story of Dundalk Pile Lighthouse and The Rundles of Clogherhead will both be broadcast and produce by LMFM Radio. The Story of Dundalk Pile Lighthouse tells the story of the Lighthouse with the addition of new technologies and the people who have worked at the Lighthouse. The Rundles of Clogherhead tells the story of the famous Rundle family who resided in Co. Louth in the 1800s.

Raven Productions will produce Scléip for RTÉ RnaG. Scléip is a 5 part series tracking the annual talent contest between Gaelscoileanna around Ireland.

Home News is produced by RTÉ London Correspondent Brian O'Connell for RTÉ Radio 1. It take a look at the working of Irish newspapers across the world, which are published for the Irish diaspora.

The Amulet is produce by Caroline Brennan for Dublin City FM and CRY. The documentary focuses on the lives of women who have lost children at a young age and their work with visual artist, Marie Brett.

Diabetes: The Forgotten Type Ones is produced by Heather MacLeod for Dublin City FM. It will discuss the difference between Type One and Type Two Diabetes and their frequencies in Ireland. It will also explore how Type Two Diabetes has taken precedence in the media.

The Untold Story of John Devoy & America's Fight for Irish Freedom and Celebrating St. Brigid are produced by Paul Wright for Dublin City FM. Age and the City and Music Generation are produced by Doireann Ní Bhriain for RTÉ Radio 1.

Other BAI funded productions included Summer in the suburbs, produced by Dorothee Meyer-Holtkamp for NEAR FM, Rivitin’ History Will also be produced for NEAR FM by Pat Meehan. Not for the Money is a six part series for NEAR FM, following volunteer organizations. Reaching Out is produced by Dublin South FM is a series of 26 one-on-one interviews with less well known service provided in communities. Dundalk FM will produce a series call Ruaille Buaille, a chat and entertainment show with a member of the public wanting to relearn the Irish Language. Church Art and Architecture in Cork will be produce by Conor O'Toole for UCC FM.