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Why Tg4 will feel the Pressure in 2015 & into the future

TG4 will not really be effected by the introduction of UTV Ireland. TG4 from an Irish Language point of view is in a very weak position. It stands alone. Like TV3 its website lacks news, sports and entertainment, it’s basically a corporate website. They are to the fore of the on-demand being one of the first Broadcasters to actually provide such a service. TG4 suffers from its lack of connection with other Irish Language media. CnaG, TnaG and RnaG all have a responsibility to Irish Language media. Surely if as a country we are to support the Irish Language we should have a single broadcaster that can compete in a saturated English Language market. TG4 is a great station, its staff know their audience and can press buttons that other Irish channels just cannot. If TV3 or RTÉ2 took a look west they could push through.


TG4 should join with other Irish Language broadcasters, RnaG and TG4 should be at the very least 1 broadcaster that can cross promote. After that the CnaG supported youth service, Radio RíRá, should also come under this umbrella. Perhaps allowing TG4 take responsibility for The Irish Film Board Channel and a mixed youth services for TG4. TG4 should promoted a new repeat channel for a youth audience not just simple a plus one service. Their online service is good but like TV3 it lacks an up-to-date news service. RTÉ provide Nuacht TG4 but they have fail to really implement a proper online Irish Language news services. There are 3 online Irish language news service (RTÉ), (supported by various different government organasations and NGOs) and

No vision between RnaG and TG4 will kill both services. They need support and colobration, this can not be achived through two different bodies.

Again public policy from DCERN to give money to TG4 for a HD service and not insure that it is made available on Saorview shows a lack of commitment to the Saorview service and the clear lack of understanding in DCERN and the BAI in realtion to broadcasting.