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Analogue Switched Off

Analogue Switched Off Praising the "Go Digital Week" in September Minister for Communications, Pat Rabbitte, yet again praised his departments Going Digital Campaign, saying "[the] National Digital Switchover Week which we ran in the third week of September appears to have contributed significantly to the particularly strong switchover figures revealed in this latest piece of research." We take a closer look at the ins and outs of DSO as it now stands.

RTÉ NL are to operate 3 Digital TV Multiplexes (MUXS). Saorview is made up of just 1 MUX. On occasion RTÉ NL test a second MUX.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) have decided to designated MUX2 to the established set of broadcasters, The Oireachtas and the Irish Film Board. Many of the stations remain "suggested" channels rather then actual ones.

The BAI told CCÉ News that should these proposed channel appear on MUX2 "Carriage of other proposals from the Expression of Interest would most likely necessitate the introduction of a third multiplex."

Possible New Channels/Services

Channel Name Provider Content Launch Date Issues
IFB TV Irish Film Board/Bord Scánnán Na hÉireann Irish and European Cinema


Over the last 5 years the Irish Film Board (IFB) have hinted at a TV channel to air Irish Film, however such plans have continually been pushed back. The Broadcasting Act 2009 makes provisions for the channel. The IFB refuse to make any comment on the IFB Channel.
Oireachtas TV The Houses of the Oireachtas Live Broadcasts of the Oireachtas (Dail, Seanad and Committee Rooms)

Available on UPC, Full Launch TBA

The Houses of the Oireachtas are currently employing more consultants to advise on such a service on Soarview. The channel currently airs on UPC and is available online.
TG4+1 TnaG A timeshift services for TG4 N/A TG4 have decided against a timeshift service and are looking towards On-Demand Catch Up Services
Cúla4 TnaG Children's Service from TG4 N/A

This was part of TG4 suggested channels but has been scrapped along with TG4+1

TG4 HD TnaG TG4 in High Definition Trialing on UPC, full launch date unknown The Minister is required to ask his department and the BAI to carry out a number of public consultations before this channel is officially launched.
TV3+1 TV3 Timeshife Service of TV3 TBA TV3 have stated that they would like to provide 4 new services TV3HD, TV3+1, 3CLASSICS AND 3KIDS. However the economy has a role to play on such channels, particularly when TV3's loan from the IRBC has been re-negotiation to allow the channel survive into the future.
3Kids TV3 A Children's Service for the over 6s TBA
3Classics TV3 A Documentry Service from TV3 TBA
TV3HD TV3 TV3 in High Definition TBA
RTÉ ONE HD RTÉ RTÉ ONE in High Definition TBA The BAI also stated that RTÉ ONE HD would form part of the channel line up on MUX 1 AND 2 in the future. RTÉ have yet to even suggest RTÉ ONE HD service for RTÉ ONE, and like TV3 RTÉ are in very precarious financial waters making RTÉ ONE HD unlikely in the near future. It would also need to be approved by the Minister through Public consultation.

If the above suggested channels were to appear on Mux 1 and 2 the MUXS would resemble the following line up

MUX 1 MUX 2  
RTÉjr/RTÉ ONE +1 Cula4/TG4+1 SD
IFB Channel OR Oireachtas TV* 3Kids/3Classics OR TV3+1* SD
10 RTÉ Digital Radio Stations 10 Radio Stations Audio

*Two of the suggested channels will not fit.

According to RTÉ MUX 3 would take six months to go live, but such a decision would be taken by ComReg not the BAI. At which point the BAI would approached other interested broadcasters.