SF Top Latest Political Poll

The Sinn Fein Party has top The Sunday Times Behaviour and Attitudes opinion poll. The poll shows that the party has 32% support, this compares to Fine Gael's 27% and Fianna Fails 22%. This marks an increases for the Fianna Fail party of 3 points, while Fine Gael has seen its support drop by 4 points. The Labour Party has 5% support, the first time in this poll that they have reached above 5%. Independents had 7% vote, while other parties has 6% of the vote between them, the poll was taken between December 3rd and 15th. The poll does not take into consideration controversial remarks made by An Taoiseach Micheal Martin that the State did not bail out the banks in 2008, the remarks were made on the 16th of December in the Dail.

Sinn Féin 32%
Fine Gael 27%
Fianna Fáil 22%
Independent 7%
Others* 6%
The Labour Party 5%

*Social Democrats 1%, Green Party 3%, Solidarity-PBP 2%