Fianna Fáil Continue with Poll Blues

Fine Gael continue to ride high in the political opinion polls, while their partners in government Fianna Fáil remain on their lowest ever poll results. This is according to the latest opinion poll carried out by Red C for The Sunday Business Post. Fine Gael are at 37% while, the main opposition party Sinn Féin is in second place with 27%. Coalition partners Fianna Fail have an 11% share of the vote and The Green Party continue to poll around 6%, with all other parties polling below 4%.

Fine Gael 37%
Sinn Féin 27%
Fianna Fáil 11%
Others* 10%
Independent 9%
The Green Party 6%

*Labour 3%, Social Democrats 3%, Solidarity-PBP 2%, Aontú 2%