326 New Cases of COVID19

Three hundred and twenty-six COVID-19 cases were announced by the HSE tonight, this brings the total cases to 34,315 in the Republic of Ireland. The HSE and Department of Health also announced full hospital figures for September 23rd, twenty-two cases were health care workers. Eight people were admitted to hospital. The total number admitted to hospital stands at 3,560 cases. Figures announced by the Northern Irish Health Department show an increase in cases of 273 to 10,223 cases in total. The total admissions to hospital is 1,727 since the begin of the COVID-19 crisis in Northern Ireland.

The headline figures show a total of 326 new cases as of 12 midnight on the 24th of September, with no deaths reported. Overall 1,797 COVID related deaths have been announced

Northern Ireland recorded no further deaths. There have been 577 COVID related deaths in Northern Ireland.

Month Total Cases Health Care Workers Health Care Workers %
March 3,282 841 26%
April 17,460 5,132 29%
May 4,314 2,013 47%
June 418 229 55%
July 635 217 34%
August 2,916 228 8%
September 5,290 431 8%
Total 34,315 9,091 26%