FG Brexit Earns Favour in 1s Post Brexit Negitation Poll

Forget the resignation of An Tainiste, Frances Fitzgerald, a few weeks back. Remember Leo's charge at the English Foes, at least that what seems to be the case for the FG Party's rise in popularity in the lastest Irish Times political poll. It see FG at 36% of first preference votes, while FF have see a fall back to 25%. Sinn Fein see no change at 19% of the vote, with others at 20%.

Party Support Change
Fine Gael 36% Up 4
Fianna Fail 25% Down 4
Sinn Fein 19% no change
Labour 4% no change
Solidarity PBP 1% down 1
Green Party 3% no change
Social Democrates 1% no change
Other/Independents 11% Up 1