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National Children's Hospital Naming

Largely speaking nothing has gone right with the National Children's Hospital. And the minor inconveniences of a name is not something we should really get worked up about. But then there is the name that really says nothing about the history of Children's Hospitals in Ireland. Geographically the Hospital will sit on the ground of St. James Hospital, a few miles south of the Phoenix Park, surely that in itself would be a reason not to call it Phoenix Health, indeed the name doesn't even mention Children.

A better name would have been The Doctor Kathleen Lynn National Children's Hospital.

Dr. Lynn was a pioneer in Children's health in the early years of the state. She is an important part of Ireland's fight for Independence and the Women's movement in Ireland. She should be remember for her work as a Doctor, a woman and historical figure that can say to all young girls "YES YOU CAN".

How better to give young girls that motivation to go into the sciences then by naming a hospital after her. An institution that they will all know for good work from an early age. We all grew up with Temple Street, Our Lady's and the National Children's hospital. Let's give both girls and boys someone and something to look up to, to someone who achieved and can be a positive figure in their lives. Someone who represents the hopes and the dreams of Ireland. Someone who believed in "cherishing all of the children of the nation equally."

But who was Doctor Kathleen Lynn. She was born into a Church of Ireland family from Co. Mayo. She graduated from The Royal University of Ireland as a Medical Doctor, she then went on to be the first female to work in Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin City. During the War of Independence she set up St. Ultan's Children's Hospital in 1919.

St. Ultan's was the only hospital run by women, it closed in 1983. It was known for its work with the Children of Inner City Dublin.

She was buried with full military honours in 1955 for her work during the War of Independence. In 2010 a TG4 Documentary by Loop Line Film and director Sé Merry Doyle ‘Kathleen Lynn – An Dochtúir Reabhlóideach’ was produced.

So here is to The Doctor Kathleen Lynn Children's Hospital.