Catalan Democratically Elected Leader Fired by Spanish Prime Minister

The Spanish Prime Minister has fired the President of the Government of Catalonia. He has also removed all of Catalonia's democratically elected officials. The follows from the disruption of a referendum on the Independence of Catalonia from Spain by Spanish Police. In his speech Mr. Rajoy hypocritically said "The decisions we have adopted this afternoon are to restore the self-governance that was wiped out over the last few weeks by a series of illegal decisions adopted by the Regional Government of Catalonia, that were arbitrary and exclusionary. These steps are necessary and essential to return democratic legitimacy to self-governance."

The leading party in the Catalonia Government have come out with no doubt to the democratic right to rule. Stating that 155 of the constitutions is being used against the will of the people of Catalonia.

Llus Corominas stated that " our attitude has always been a dialogue, and the unity of Spain can never be over the democracy and the individual and collective freedoms of the people of Catalonia . " " They want us busy, faced, frightened; And today, more than ever, there must be calm. We're winning, " he remonstrated.

An election will be held on the 21 of December 2017.