Austrian People's Party leads Poll

Sebastian Kurz's OVP political party failed to get a majority in the Austrian National Council, increasing the number of seats to 62 following the October 15th Election. Their nearest rival the SPO retain their 52 seats with the FPO increasing its seats to 51. The Green Party failed to be elected dropping all of its 20 seats, with a new alternative Green Party PILZ getting 8 seats. It is likely that Mr. Kurz will become Prime Minister. Austria may retain its grand coalition between OVP and SPO, however Austrian Chancellor Kern (SPO) is preparing for opposition following government formation talks with Kurz.

Party Seats Change
OPV 62 Up 15
SPO 52 No Change
FPO 51 Up 11
NEOS 10 Up 1
PLIZ 8 New
Greens 0 Down 20