trteRTÉ Cut Funding to Independent Producers by 9%
Wednesday June 23, 2021

RTÉ\'s Independent Commissions and Production Unit have published their Annual report for 2020. RTÉ cut funding to the independent sector in 2020 by 9%. Missing their statutory requirement by €3 million. The report shows how RTÉ increase its low levels of funding to children\'s programming by 40%, to just over €5 million, this compares to €3.6 million in 2019, all children\'s content is now produced independently, with no children\'s commissions for Radio in either year, the increase was due in large to RTÉ\'s Home School Hub. Drama and Comedy across TV and Radio saw a drop in funding with just €1.8 million spent on TV drama and comedy, which includes just two dramas yet to be broadcast, €265,000 worth of Drama and Comedy was commission for Radio.

trteRTÉ cuts Independent Drama by 29%
Thursday October 22, 2020

RTÉ's Independent Commissions and Production Unit have published their Annual report for 2019. RTÉ cut funding to scripted drama and comedy by 29% to €3.2million. The report also shows that RTÉ's decision to move Children's programming out of the broadcaster has cause the broadcaster to continue to under fund the children's content. 2019 saw a slight rise in children's content spend of €248,000, bring the spend to €3.6 million, this compares to RTÉ's overall cost in 2015 of €9.4 million for children's content. €300,000 worth of Drama was commission for Radio in both years, with no children's commissions for Radio in either year.

trteRTÉ underfund RTÉjr
Wednesday September 06, 2017

Last year RTÉ dropped their spend on children's TV (AKA Young People's Programming) by 25%. The issues surrounding the problems that exists for RTÉ's Sheila DeCourcy when budgeting for Children's programming have yet to be address by the national broadcaster. It's hard to now who to blame at RTɠfor its short changing of children's productions. But someone in RTɠis to blame, the blame lies completely and utterly at the feet of the national broadcaster.

trteRTÉjr Turns One
Thursday January 01, 1970

RTÉjr started out life as Den Tot's a block on the classic children's TV strand The Den in 1998. This was a major change for the service as Irish children's TV would effectively be on air from 7 in the morning to 6 each evening. RTÉ Two became the main RTÉ children's channel in 1988 with the move of Dempsey's Den to Network 2 from RTÉ 1. In 2010 RTÉ made the decision to re-brand The Den as RTÉjr and TRTÉ. Since 2010 RTÉjr has grown. Initially launched in May 27, 2011 as a 5 day week channel and last year as a stand-alone channel. RTÉ's children's services are hugely underfunded with just €8million available to them.