soapsSeptember Return for Irish Soap Fair City
Wednesday August 12, 2020

RTÉ have announced the return of their prime time soap opera Fair City. The series had been take off the air due to the COVID-19 crisis. An exact date has not yet been releases but it is expected to return during September 2020. The series will reflect life with covid, characters will follow the COVID-19 restrictions.

soapsRos Na Ruined Summer for Fans
Friday July 01, 2016

TG4 has decided to drop its usual repeat of classic episodes of their twice weekly soap in favour of BBC quiz shows. In a statement received by CCÉ TG4 said "Our policy in relation to repeat broadcasts of the early years of this very popular flagship drama series on TG4 has been to do so and assess the viewer response – taking care not to diminish their value by over-exposure."