pbpSenator Ivana Bacik Becomes Labours 7th Sitting Member of the Dail
Friday July 09, 2021

Ivana Bacik has become The Labour Party\'s 7th sitting member of the Dail, having been elected to the Dail tonight (09/07/2021) in a By Election in Dublin Bay South. She top the poll of 1st preference votes with 30% support, far exceeding her party\'s performance in recent polls which put them between 3% and 6% support. Government party Fine Gael were in second place with 26% support, while opposition party Sinn Fein had just 16% of the vote. While The Green Party lost its footing in this constituency it still did far better than the Fianna Fail party, which only managed a 5% of the vote. Trinity College Dublin will now have a by-election to vote in a new member of the Seanad.

pbpFF and Greens Rally in Poll after Local and European Elections
Monday June 17, 2019

Fianna Fáil and The Greens have both mad massive gains the Sunday Times/Behaviour and Attitudes poll. Released yesterday, Sunday, 16th of June. The pool shows FF clear 5 points ahead of there main rivals Fine Geal. Meanwhile following the gains made by The Green part in both the Local and European elections they have become the 4th most popular party after Sinn Fein. They poll was carried out between the 31st of May and 11th of June, 2019, with a sample size of 900 people.

pbpFG Remains High in Polls
Sunday November 12, 2017

FG continue to improve in the polls. The right wing party and main party in the current minority government were on 34% in the latest opinion poll carried out by the Sunday Times, up 3 points from the last Sunday Times poll. The centre-Right party, FF were up 4 points to 31%, while centre-Left Sinn Fein was down 5 points to 15%. Others were down 3 points.

pbpFG up 3 point in latest Poll
Saturday September 23, 2017

Fine Gael have seen their popularity increase to 30% from 27% in the latest Sunday Business Post/Red C Opinion Poll. The Poll sees their closest rival Fianna Fail on 26% up 2 points from the last Red C poll. Sinn Fein are down 2 to 16%. Other parties down 3 points to 28%.

pbpFG Bounce as Low Labour Unchaged
Saturday September 16, 2017

Fine Geal have seen an increase in the latest political poll. The Sunday Times/Behaviour and Attitudes poll was carried out from August 31st to September 12th. It shows the Fine Geal increasing its lead against Fianna Fail by 8 points, while putting Sinn Fein at 19%. Others where up one point from the previous Sunday Times poll to 22%.

pbpIrish General Election Opinion Poll
Monday July 24, 2017

Fine Gael has topped the latest Sunday Independent opinion poll. The Kantar Millward Brown poll gives the party 30% support, while Micheal Martin's Fianna Fail drops to second place with 29% of the vote. Sinn Fein have 20% support. Independent Candidates have 13%, with smaller political parties getting 10%.