Senator Ivana Bacik Becomes Labours 7th Sitting Member of the Dail

Ivana Bacik has become The Labour Party's 7th sitting member of the Dail, having been elected to the Dail tonight (09/07/2021) in a By Election in Dublin Bay South. She top the poll of 1st preference votes with 30% support, far exceeding her party's performance in recent polls which put them between 3% and 6% support. Government party Fine Gael were in second place with 26% support, while opposition party Sinn Fein had just 16% of the vote. While The Green Party lost its footing in this constituency it still did far better than the Fianna Fail party, which only managed a 5% of the vote. Trinity College Dublin will now have a by-election to vote in a new member of the Seanad.

Ivana Bacik The Labour Party 30%
James Geoghegan Fine Gael 26%
Lynn Boylan Sinn Féin 16%
Claire Byrne The Green Party 8%
Deirdre Conroy Fianna Fáil 5%
Mannix Flynn Independent 3%
Sarah Durcan Social Democrats 3%
Mairead Toibin Aontu 3%
Bridig Purcell S-PBP 3%
Peter Dooley Independent 1%
Justin Barrett National Party 1%
Dolores Cahill Independent 1%
Jacqui Gilbourne Renua 1%
John Keigher Independent 0%
Colm O'Keefee Independent 0%

Count 1

Ivana Bacik top the poll from the start with 30% support or 8,131 first preference votes. She was followed by Fine Gael's James Geoghegan who had 26% support, or 7,052 first preference votes. Sinn Fein was in 3rd place with 16% of the vote, or 4,245 first preferences, for Lynn Boylan. A bad day for Fianna Fail, their candidate Deirdre Conroy receive just 5% support, or 1,247 first preference votes. Independent candidates John Keigher and Colm O'Keeffe were excluded and their 46 votes were divided between the remaining 12 candidates.

Count 2

The Green Party's Claire Byrne received 15% of John Keigher and Colm O'Keeffe's vote bringing her total to 2,164 votes, she'd received 8% of the first preference votes, this is The Green Party's Leader's constituency. Renua's candidate, Jacqui Gilbourne, was eliminated on this count, she received 164 first preference votes or 1%.

Transfers % from John Keigher and Colm O'Keeffe
LP FG SF FF GP Flynn SD AON S-PBP Cahill Dooley NP RN
7% 4% 0% 7% 15% 7% 7% 11% 4% 4% 11% 7% 4%

Count 3

Aontu's Mairead Toibin received 32% of Renua's vote, bring her total to 798. Aontu received 740 first preference votes or 3% of the total vote. Dolores Cahill, Peter Dooley and the National Party's Justin Barrett were eliminated on this count.

Transfers % from Renua
LP FG SF GP FF Flynn SD AON S-PBP Cahill Dooley NP
7% 23% 1% 4% 4% 7% 1% 32% 4% 5% 3% 5%

Count 4

Aontu picked up the most of Dolores Cahill's, Peter Dooley and The National Party's re-counted votes, with this Aontu jumped ahead of both Bridig Purcell (SPBP) and Sarah Durkan (Social Dems). SPBP's candidate was eliminated on this count having received 759 first preference votes or 3% of the vote.

Transfers % from Delores Cahill, Peter Dooley and The National Party
7% 6% 17% 4% 3% 13% 6% 22% 8%

Count 5

Sinn Fein's Lynn Boylan took 41% of the Solidarity People Before Profit vote, bring their vote up to 4,695. Aontu's Mairead Toibin was eliminated on this count with 958 votes following transfers.

Transfers % from S-PBP
15% 15% 41% 8% 1% 3% 23% 2%

Count 6

38% of Aontu's vote was not transferable, Mannix Flynn received 12% of their votes, his first preference vote was 879 and transfers brought him to 1,120, allowing him to jump ahead of Social Dem's Sarah Durkan who finished with 1,111 votes and was eliminated on this count.

Transfers % from Aontu
8% 12% 9% 10% 10% 12% 4%

Count 7

Labour's Ivana Bacik took 42% of the Social Democrat's vote. Ivana's total vote was now at 8,851 votes, 1,451 votes ahead of her nearest rival James Geoghegan. Both Mannix Flynn and Fianna Fail's Deirdre Conroy were eliminated, finishing with 1,181 and 1,402 votes respectively.

Transfers % from Social Democrats
42% 4% 19% 23% 2% 5%

Count 8

Fine Geal's James Geoghegan received 33% of Mannix Flynn's and Fianna Fail's vote, he moved to 1,209 votes behind Labour's Ivana Bacik. Both Sinn Fein's Lynn Boylan and The Green Party's Claire Byrne were eliminated following this count. The Green Party finished with 2,985 votes, while Sinn Fein received 5,237 votes.

Transfers % from Mannix Flynn and Fianna Fail
24% 33% 10% 15%

Count 9

The final count of the day was announced at 21:20. Ivana Bacik received 48% of The Green Party's and Sinn Fein's vote with just 12% going to Fine Geal's James Geoghegan. Ivana Bacik was declared the new TD for Dublin Bay South with a final vote of 13,382, just under the quote of 13,442.