The South Westerlies

Monday September 14, 2020

RTÉ\'s latest co-production lacks life. The problem is an uninteresting and uninspired local story that lacks the drama of the Water Charges or the Corib gas pipeline protests. A rural town is divided with the arrival of a Norwegian firm\'s plan to build wind turbines of the coast of Count Cork. The shows characters are not bad, but they are one dimensional, there might have been an opportunity for The South Westerlies to be something more that a series with a very blunt plot or they could have gone down the road of a lighthearted drama like ITV\'s Doc Martin. As a drama looking to explore local politics, national politics and international trade, it has no bite. The series is billed as a Comedy-Drama.


IFTA 2020 Nominations Announced

Tuesday July 14, 2020

Ireland's Film and Television Academy have announced the nominees for the IFTA Awards 2020. Film and Scripted TV Drama awards sees Irish Language film Arracht gain the most nomination in the film category with 11 nominations, while Blood gets 5 nominations in the Drama category. Other films nominated include: - Rosie with 9 nominations, The Hole in The Ground 7, Black 47 6, Calm with Horses and Ordinary Love both receive 5 and Float like a Butterfly, Never Grow Old and The Dig receives 4 Nominations.


REVIEW: Taxi Brooklyn

Saturday May 30, 2015

Taxi Brooklyn is based on the French film franchise Taxi. The premise of the French film a bumbling police detective (Frédéric Dienfenthal) unable to drive is driven around the city by a Taxi Driver (Samy Nasri) in a supped up car is reduced to a police detective being driven around by a taxi driver. The frenetic pace of the films is lost in this TV adaptation, which decides that it is a straight forward police procedural drama.