covid-19September Return for Irish Soap Fair City
Wednesday August 12, 2020

RTÉ have announced the return of their prime time soap opera Fair City. The series had been take off the air due to the COVID-19 crisis. An exact date has not yet been releases but it is expected to return during September 2020. The series will reflect life with covid, characters will follow the COVID-19 restrictions.

covid-19Irish Beer Lobby Group Shares Covid Concerns
Friday August 07, 2020

The Irish beer lobby group, Drinks Ireland Beer, has said that the beer sector has be significantly impacted by COVID-19 due to the closure of pubs and other venues across the country. It is calling for urgent Government support for Ireland\'s pub sector, which had been due to re-open on Monday, the 10th of August, but the re-opening of venues has been postponed, while 3 counties in the midlands are going back into lockdown for two more weeks.