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BBC Three Axed

The BBC have announced they are to remove TV channel BBC Three from traditional TV broadcast and move it to online only. The planned move was put into motion 6 months ago when the BBC executive asked the BBC trust for the move. The trust set out a number of conditions for the move, but it is expected to be complete by the beginning of 2016. A final decision will be made on the 27th of July.

The conditions set out by the BBC Trust include, broadcast of more BBC Three programming on both BBC One and Two. BBC One +1 has not be allowed as it believes that it would only be at the expense of commercial rivals. CBBC will now be extended until 9pm, from 7pm, this is move is mainly down to a fall in viewers for the children's channel in the last 4 years.

The BBC trust stated that it believes the long-term future of broadcasting is online and that younger viewers were more like to watch TV that way. However it also acknowledge that in some areas broadband speeds were not good enough for many to watch full programmes.

The BBC iPlayer will now begin offering more online-first content.

The new online BBC Three will be given a new look, and will hope to increase its audience levels, which had drop in the last 5 years.

BBC Three's budget of £30m will now focus on documentaries and long form comedy shows, rather than lighter formats such as Snog, Marry, Avoid. The other 20% will be spent of short-form content, which will only be available online.

BBC One has already taken Don't Tell the Bride from BBC Three, while ITV2 is now the home of Family Guy and American Dad.

It is expected that the BBC group of channels will see a 3% drop in audience levels due to the move, but that this move will increase online viewership.

The trust also stipulated that the BBC must provide more space on BBC One and Two for "risk-taking" formats and new talent.

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