Day 9: The Fiscal Treaty

With just 3 more weeks until polling day, the gloves have come off. Fine Gael tell Sinn Fein that they are talking rubbish, the ULA ask Fine Gael: Where are the Jobs? While Fianna Fail and Labour Celebrate a low key Europe Day. Nothing too upsetting as Voters make up their minds. And TV3 asks for the Final Debate between Gerry Adams and Enda Kenny.



Sinn Fein talk rubbish and horses to vote for Treaty

Attacking Sinn Féin Regina Doherty, Fine Gael TD for Meath East, said that SF are continuing to talk "absolute rubbish" about the effect of a NO vote. Saying she was "left flabbergasted this morning when I heard Mary Lou say that if we vote No Ireland would still be given funding from the ESM, Europe’s new bailout fund, should we ever need it. I am beginning to wonder if Sinn Féin actually believes the myths they are pedalling." 

Meanwhile Fine Gael also announced the Horse Racing Industry's backing of a YES vote. Martin Heaydon TD welcomed the backing of both the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association (ITBA) and Irish Thoroughbred Marketing (ITM) for a YES vote.

Derek Keating TD will host a YES vote public meeting on Monday in Lucan with former Taoiseach John Bruton. Derek Keating says "The importance of a Yes vote in the referendum on 31st May cannot be overstated. Investors are once again looking at Ireland with a renewed confidence, with the result that investments are beginning to flow inwards. A No vote will create an air of uncertainty, not only around the euro but around Ireland and where we see ourselves in Europe."

Celebrating Europe Day: Costello and Martin Toast European Achievements

Emer Costello was speaking at Europe Day celebrations she said "There is no doubt that governments all across Europe have to reduce their deficits and public debts. Fiscal consolidation on its own however, as the Labour Party has always argued, will not bring an end to the crisis or lead to recovery. Fiscal consolidation has to go hand in hand with a growth agenda to stimulate investment and jobs."

FF also joined in the Europe Day celebrations. Micheal Martin made a speech in the dail on its occasion. He pointed to how Europe had been a centre for Growth across the continent and that the focus of growth must continue saying "the Stability Treaty did not solve the economic crisis but it does appear to have significantly moved on the debate about what must be done. Growth measures which were simply being ignored last year are now being proposed with a great urgency."

FF and SF talk up Growth

While on different sides of the debate both played up the importance of Growth. Sinn Fein's

Peadar Tóibín TD was responding to the launch of Business for Ireland. He advised that the treaty continues with the same policies as before - "recession, business closures and unemployment". Arguing that more Austerity will "deepen EU wide recessions and depress our key export market."

FF set out their priorities for the government ahead of the Leaders' Summit on May 23rd. Timmy Dooley TD, FF Director of Elections said "Fianna Fáil strongly supports the new French President Francois Hollande’s agenda for urgent action on growth including changes to the European treaties. In our view it is critically important that the Taoiseach use the opportunity presented by the summit on 23rd May to support President Hollande's agenda."

ULA Launch New NO Campaign Website

The ULA has launched its website There they outline the reasons why they believe that voters should vote NO. Cutbacks (5.7 to 8bn more in cuts), Bailout (5.5bn to bondholders), Less Democracy (voters will not be able to vote for different Economic agendas) and Blackmail (they say the Yes side has bullied this through and that it was agree by them in Europe).

The ULA also asked Fine Gael where are the jobs? A ULA photo-call outside FG HQ they called on voters to vote NO. Joan Collins TD said, ”During the Lisbon Referendum Fine Gael told voters to Vote Yes to Jobs. The reality is that since we voted unemployment has rocketed.. According to the Central Statistics Office there are 114,600 less people in employment now than there were in 2009 when we voted on Lisbon 2. Fine Gael are now calling on voters to Vote Yes For a Working Ireland. This is more lies from Fine Gael. There no jobs in this Treaty, only disastrous austerity that will create more unemployment.”