Day 8: The Fiscal Treaty

Labour launched their Yes Campaign. Sinn Fein and the ULA say European elections have rejected the Treaty as should the Irish people. Fine Gael's Brian Hayes attacks the No side, asking where the money will be found to pay for public service? Fianna Fail's Eamon Ó Cúiv is muted by party leadership, but not before a press conference and numerous interviews, where he expressed his view against the Treaty.



Labour launch their YES campaign.

Éamon Gilmore launches The Labour Party YES vote campaign on the 8th of May. He says they are now moving into the "intensive stages of the campaign". Labour are calling for a YES vote in the campaign. They believe that the treaty will stabilise the Euro and underpin investor confidence in Ireland.

Labour say that a YES vote will continue to fund the state into the future. Stating that Labour have always been to the side of Growth and Job Creation. He admits the election of President Francois Hollande in France shows that there is a move towards this stance. He says that it will be an addition to the Stability Treaty not an alternative.

Éamon Gilmore added that a YES vote would provide Ireland with "Greater stability in the Eurozone. Sensible house-keeping rules for public finances that recognise the inter-dependence of Euro-zone countries, We need to be certain, how the State is to be funded, after 2013."

Joan Burton is heading up the campaign for The Labour Party. It will see 20,000 posters distributed, 250,000 introductory leaflets have been distributed and 650,000 new leaflets are to be distributed

At the launch Phil Prendergast, MEP, advised all campaigns to avoid scare mongering and she believes "that there is no need for scare mongering or fear tactics, the truth is enough to secure a positive result for the Stability Treaty, and it is on this basis that I will be campaigning."

Sinn Fein Demand Growth Agenda

Sinn Fein's Gerry Adam's is looking for a NO vote. He said that the tide was changing across Europe with "The elections in France, Greece, Italy, Britain and Germany saw the electorate reject austerity." Saying that this provides Irish voters with an opportunity to join with other European voters in rejecting this treaty at the polls. Sinn Fein believe that the Treaty will copperfasten austerity policies that has lead to further cuts to public services and increased unemployment and emigration.

Fine Gael Demand Answers from the No Side

However Fine Gael's Brian Hayes has lashed out at the NO campaign saying that they could not answer the hard questions. He is asking how can the country be funded in the event of a NO vote. He asks "There is a glaring hole in the argument being presented by the No side. It is incapable of providing a credible answer to the question of how the State will fund the running of the country in the event of a No vote. I again call on them to provide a clear answer to this fundamental question".


Fianna Fáil campaign for a YES vote was hit with further blows due to internal party politics, which sees the muting by the party of their Former Deputy Leader Éamon Ó Cúiv as he makes a push for the party leadership. Ó Cúiv will stay in the party but he will not talk about the Treaty. He spoke on the steps of the Dail and in an RTÉ Prime Interview, yesterday. Seán Ó Fearghaíl (FF Chief Whip) told the press "I would like to acknowledge and welcome my party colleague Éamon Ó Cuív’s confirmation that he will remain a member of Fianna Fáil and will not be campaigning against the party in the referendum campaign. We welcome this clarity and Éamon’s determination to play a constructive role in the renewal of the party."

ULA: European Elections show Austerity Policies not working

Richard Boyd Barrett TD for People Before Profit and the United Left Alliance (ULA) finance spokesperson also spoke about the two election's in Europe, which have reject austerity. He said "The peoples of Europe have told their governments that they want to see a jobs creation strategy and an end to high unemployment – not austerity policies designed to save banks and speculators." Their NO campaign insists that Fine Gael and The Labour Party are continuing a failed policy of austerity and a treaty that will embed it into law.

They say Europe-wide rejection of austerity policies is a clear sign that we should abandon austerity Treaty and focus on jobs.

The Worker Party Launch their No Campaign

The Workers' Party of Ireland launched their NO campaign. They want to see stronger negotiations from the government on the utilisation of the EFSF, Re-negotiation of Debt, Equalise our Tax System, the development of commercial state companies and to take control of our natural resources.