Day 13: The Fiscal Treaty

The 13th Day brings some luck to the Yes side with the Sunday Business Post Poll showing a swing to the YES side with 53% of voters supporting the YES side. The return of Libertas and Declan Ganley, they are fighting for a NO vote on the 31st of May and a new Federal Europe. Labour hold their annual James Connolly Commemoration.


Labour and SIPTU - Commemorate Connolly

Labour commemorates James Connolly who founded the party in 1912. Eamon Gilmore reiterated his intention to see growth be part of the European Agenda. The Tainiste said "As a Government, this has been, and will be, our priority. But growth is one side of the coin – stability is the other. We who advocate a growth agenda – including Mr Hollande – also recognise that we need to build that growth on solid foundations, which is why it is essential that we, as a country, and as a people, vote to accept the Stability Treaty."

SIPTU's General President, Jack O'Connor, also made a speech at the memorial there he said "There is an urgent requirement for an investment stimulus plan for jobs and growth. The victory of Francois Hollande, the Socialist candidate in the French Presidential election on the back of a massive reaction to the suicidal one sided austerity approach must be maximised in Ireland above any European state. By presenting the Irish people with a substantial investment programme on a sufficient scale to create tens of thousands of jobs and rebuild our infrastructure, we can offer them a reason for voting in favour of the Fiscal Compact with some confidence that we can return to funding ourselves and get ahead of its structural deficit rule."

Declan Ganley and Libertas: VOTING NO

Declan Ganley and Libertas made a return to the NO campaign. Libertas are looking for a much more federal Europe. Declan Ganley called for a No vote on the Fiscal Compact treaty in an Article in The Sunday Business Post. In the article he said "Growth does not come from governments protecting failed companies or imposing more taxes or expanding themselves even further. Destroying competition and distorting markets by suffocating innovation and stifling broad-based SME job creation are always the end result of such a policy." He believes that the EU is "silencing loyal opposition". Libertas far from being anti-EU are looking for a United Federal Europe that is open to democratic accountability.