Day 11: THE Fiscal Treaty

Yes to Youth Jobs, Fine Gael and Labour both argue how the Stability treaty will help youth unemployment and growth across Europe. Sinn Fein attack the government run Stability Treaty information campaign, which it says fails to clearly state the powers given to the EU, while the ULA officially launch their counter website for the Austerity Treaty. Day 11 of the campaign continues with Labour Launching their campaign in Louth and Kilkenny.



Yes "vitally important" for youth jobs

Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs and Fine Gael TD, has stated that a YES vote is "vitally important" for Ireland in addressing youth unemployment and the EU's efforts to create jobs.

Minister Fitzgerald said: "Treaty will play an important role in reaffirming Ireland’s position as an attractive, secure and stable base for continued Foreign Direct Investment and job creation.”

Labour Launch Campaigns in Louth and Kilkenny

Labour Launch their Kilkenny Stability Campaign. Minister Howlin was with Ann Phelan, TD at the launch. On advising a YES vote Ann Phelan said "The Stability Treaty will assist in attracting investment to this country to create jobs; assist in making existing jobs secure, it will help to build confidence in our domestic economy. We're already making good progress on the job front with more jobs beings announced, these are coming as a direct result of growing international confidence in Ireland. Voting Yes on May 31st will enhance this confidence."

Meanwhile the Tánaiste launched the Labour Louth campaign with Gerald Nash, TD and Senator Mary Moran in Drogheda. Senator Mary Moran said at the launch "The Stability Treaty will assist in attracting investment to this country both to create jobs and to secure existing jobs. We're already making good progress with more jobs beings announced. Companies like Paypal will only set up in a country that has a stable economic outlook. These jobs announcements are coming as a direct result of growing international confidence in Ireland. This government with Eamon Gilmore as our Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade has made huge strides in restoring Ireland's reputation abroad. Voting Yes on May 31st serve to increase that confidence."

Negative Yes Campaign and Government Run Stability Treaty

Gerry Adam's has attack the negative campaign of the YES side, he was in Leitrim and Roscommon on Thursday visiting local community and voluntary groups. The Sinn Féin leader accused Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fáil of “running a negative referendum campaign which is about confusing and scaring citizens. At the same time the Yes camp is planning to hand Irish fiscal sovereignty over to European bureaucrats while imposing a further €6 billion in austerity cuts and taxes beyond the current Troika bailout cuts of €8.6 billion.” He continued to say that a NO vote would tell FF, FG and Labour that the policy to hand fiscal sovereignty over to "unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in the EU" was unacceptable to Irish voters.

Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin, Sinn Féin Health Spokesperson, has said that the government published guide to the referendum is design to mislead the public. He said the booklet fails to tell the public "on the implications of the Treaty's new enforcement and punishment mechanisms." He asks that the government explain clearly the long term "consequences of giving new wide ranging powers to the European Commission and European Court of Justice" who may dictate what is in a future budget and impose fines of €160m.

Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin continues by saying the that information booklet may not call for a YES vote but it fails to tell the public “Article 5 cedes significant new powers to the European Commission to force states deemed to be in breach of the Treaty’s harsh rules into an ‘economic partnership programme’. This will allow the European Commission to dictate what happens in future Irish budgets. Article 8 cedes significant new legal jurisdiction to the European Court of Justice and gives them the power to impose fines on member states for not complying with the rules of the Treaty. These fines can be up to €160 million."

Official Launch of Austerity Treaty Website and Pamphlet - ULA

As a counter to the government's Stability Treaty website and information booklet, the ULA have officially launched and their counter pamphlet. At a press launch the ULA gave reasons why the new Treaty undermines democracy and institutionalizes austerity.

According to the ULA press release the new site and pamphlet provides "a series of short videos, the key features of the Treaty such as the austerity required and the bondholder pay outs it demands are explained. The website also answers the scaremongering arguments of the government, and explains in detail how the blackmail of the government is in fact a false threat."